Add a burst of colour to your backyard

Introducing the Sunbrella ottoman collection, an exciting set of new outdoor accessory pieces that will liven up any outdoor lounge setting.


The great outdoor performance properties of Sunbrella have allowed us to build more and more products that were once only the domain of the lounge room.

Untitled design (57)



These pieces have some great features;

  • Sunbrella high performance outdoor fabric is super easy to clean and is highly mould and fade resistant. To find out more about Sunbrella check out our blog

  • Fully welded aluminium frame makes these pieces lightweight yet strong and they won't rust.

  • Top and sides are padded for a comfy seat and soft edges

  • Reinforcing aluminium mesh allows for the padding to breathe while providing a strong seat area

  • Textaline base seals the bottom while preventing moisture build up

  • Moulded feet with a brushed aluminium wrap to keep your piece up off the ground